The first two sentences were provided for this one, with a maximum of 200 words. I didn’t win – I confess I’m not really into sports!

Tom couldn’t deny it. He was addicted to the Olympics. He longed to run alongside the sprinters, leap over the jumps with the riders, and demonstrate his prowess on the parallel bars. He wasn’t so sure about the swimming or the sailing – he wasn’t keen on water. But still he watched the divers and the b utterfly and the medley, and enjoyed the slower speed of the sailing. Then it was bicycle, whizzing around the slopes of the velodrome, riders hunched over the handlebars, squinting into the wind of their own passage. Shot put! Weight lifting! The mannered forms of Taekwondo and Judo.

Football! Baseball! Hockey! Even tennis – all his favourite things, one after another. The time difference didn’t bother him – he could snooze through the boring chatter and wake up to see the actual games. A bowl of snacks sat close by, and his meals were delivered punctually.

Tom was, simply, in heaven.

His family passed by now and again, stopping to watch some of the fun with him.

“Honey,” his owner said. “You spoil that cat!”