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Month: May 2022

RNA south group flashfic challenge – June 2021

Like the group’s other challenges, the first line was provided, the word limit was a maximum of 250 words. This entry didn’t win but I still like it!

She stared at it. She knew she’d have to open it eventually but if she did, everything might change. But for better or worse? She thought about the acts she’d auditioned. The Flower Sisters – pretty, but their lyrics horribly saccharine. Paul – a beautiful voice, but his only background music a twangy acoustic guitar. Balance – a so-called boy band now so long in the tooth they would more accurately be called the wrinklies. Jordan – golden curls, blue eyes, and no stage presence whatsoever.

They were all efficient musicians, but would any of them stir up a crowd? She needed an act that would have women fighting over tickets for the gigs, screaming in the aisles, and throwing their panties onto the stage. She needed bad boys with attitude, discordant acts that would make the critics cringe but satisfy her audience’s need for something new, something punk. She wanted lyric that would be banned by all the radio stations, pushing up the sales of tracks and tie-in merchandise. She envisioned the T-shirt slogans and the internet memes.

Oh yes, it was time for change. Grinning, Pandora opened the box.

RNA south group flashfic challenge May 2021

Maximum word count for this one was 200 words. I won!

“How sad that a storm always came in when the flowering cherry bloomed.”

Joe froze, his mind going completely blank. He avoided Miss Smith’s gaze, hoping his panic wasn’t showing on his face. Why couldn’t he remember? He swallowed nervously, his hands fisting by his sides, his palms damp.

She was starting to look concerned. His mind was racing now, considering and rejecting a hundred responses. This was awful. A drop of perspiration trickled from his hairline down the side of his face and he resisted the temptation to draw attention to it by brushing it away. He shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. He had to remember – so much depended on it. The consequence of failure was too horrible to consider.

Why did she have to make these passwords so convoluted? They really shouldn’t have put the ex-CIA agent in charge of the key to the executive bathroom.

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