This space adventure series puts adventure and romance at the forefront.  If you loved 80s TV SF, these books are for you! Available as Kindle Unlimited ebooks (links below) and also as paperbacks.

Everyone knows there are no aliens – so what’s attacking the planet Meridiana?

To save their civilisation, the decision Zaran and Cristal must make will change their lives forever.

Together, they must find a way to save their people.  With Meridiana under attack and the substream closed to them, they have no choice but to risk taking the survivors through the perilous, uncharted depths of space to find a way home.

And if that’s not dangerous enough, someone in the fleet is trying to kill them.  Who would jeopardise their chances of getting home?


Maps, a murder and a mystery – the Canopus has them all. 

Thrown together, Kovis and Glory must unscramble all three or the star cruiser Atria and the refugees from Meridiana will remain lost forever.

Together, they must crack the Canopus Conundrum before its secrets are lost forever – but there’s a killer on the loose and time is running out!


Secrets, treachery and insurgence … when rebels threaten the star cruiser Atria, can star-crossed lovers triumph over a menacing conspiracy?

When Surgeon General Nazif meets dissident’s daughter Jiazelle, sparks fly – but something is preventing her from helping to disrupt her father’s plans.

With the dissidents in the fleet growing bolder, Naz must race against time to thwart the plot to commandeer the Atria and seize control of the fleet.  To do so, he must unravel the trap that’s preventing Jiazelle from saving them all.


Pirates, peril and a planet’s hidden secrets.

Captain Asterion is stranded when pirates attack the Atria’s temporary mining camp. Cut off from his ship, anxious about the people stranded with him, his hope wanes … until Melas, the woman he secretly admires, formulates a desperate plan – one that could well prove fatal.

Additionally, what Asterion and Melas find on the planet has the potential to change the Interstellar Union forever.


Improved fuels and technologies should help the Fleet return home faster – so why would someone want Ashwood’s new project to fail?

When Zetta is  asked to help identify a saboteur, she finds her choices, her friendships and even her courage challenged in ways she’d never imagined.  Merchant Kellan loves flying – but when he applied to join the fleet’s hyperlight project, he didn’t expect to find both his life and his heart at risk.  The discoveries he makes could change everything – but only if the saboteur can be unmasked in time.

The next flight of the Wildcat could be its pilot’s last.