Another flashfic challenge where the first line was provided, maximum of 250 words. This one didn’t win, but makes me grin.

As he turned towards her and smiled, she fought to control her fear, but she was trapped. She’d known all along he’d leave her ’til last – he always started with the best and worked his way down. She squirmed in her seat, unable to look away from his evil, malicious expression. She was breathing in short, shallow gasps, her skin clammy with sweat and her hands trembling in her lap.

As if reflecting her state of mind, a cloud passed across the sun, throwing shadows that turned his face into a demonic mask. Despite the stillness of the air, his black locks seemed to writhe and she knew this was it, the moment she’d been braced for had finally arrived. She watched as, almost in slow motion, his mouth opened and the words she’d been dreading spilled out. “And what, Miss Smith, is the meaning of this?”

She gazed at the tattered papers in his hand, knowing nothing would satisfy him but the truth. “The dog,” she whimpered, “ate my homework!”